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We, Paramount Stainless help you with your decision regarding which product would best for your kitchen and all of your commercial fittings because in market there are many products available. With our experienced technicians, we can advise and guide you to achieve the perfect bench top solution for your bathroom, kitchen, commercial project and laundry.

About Stainless

Custom Design Tauranga

Back in 1960 paramount stainless Ltd was established in Tauranga, New Zealand with extensive experience specializing in stainless steel fabrication in an ISO 9002 environment.

We started off business with a vision to create a reputation within the industry, this being a high standard of workmanship. Ensuring the customer is always fully satisfied with us. Over the past 5 decades, our company has continued to be a thriving business with these following valuable principles to work.

Services available with us:

*      Metal Fabrication Tauranga

*      Stainless Steel nz

*      Kitchen Bench Top Tauranga

*      Commercial Kitchen Tauranga

*      Custom Design Tauranga

*      Commercial Fittings Tauranga

*      Aluminium Fabrication Tauranga

*      Sheet metal Fabrication Tauranga

Stainless technicians are experts in on-site fabrication and installation. We have the regular customers with more than 16 years. Check our website’s testimonials page.

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Paramount Stainless Ltd,
PO Box 491,
66 Koromiko Street,
New Zealand.
Phone +64 7 578 2039
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Contact Information
+64 7 578 2039

66 Koromiko Street,
Tauranga,, 491


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